Mind that Lipstick

He entered the room in haste without even glancing at the people around.
Walking swiftly, he wandered from one room to another; those who knew him continued with their tasks however the people who had no idea about him looked at this tall and lanky fellow with skepticism.
courtesy – paper-backgrounds.com
It was barely five minutes and the men in uniform heard him shout ‘Never Mind’ as he sat scrutinizing the floor.
 As he bent to the floor, pressing the handkerchief to the ground the men tried to suppress their smiles, as they knew he had found the clue that lay hidden from their eyes all this while ‘signs of asphyxiation’.
Later, in the chamber of the superintendent he showed them the lipstick marks he had found on the floor stuck to his handkerchief thus procuring enough proof that the culprit had pressed her face against the floor before the brutal act!
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