Sore Reminiscences

I noticed an old man 
Sitting on a park bench
Sobbing his heart out
The silent sobs
Leaving a trail
Behind the tears
Pricked my heart aloud.
I stopped a passerby
‘Mister’, one query –
‘Why does this old man cry?’
‘Ahh! A sad story’
He replied.
courtesy – Magpie Tales
The man was once poor 
When his young daughter died
He ran pillar to post
However, people played deaf to his cries
Every year he returns to the bench
Where he held her tight 
One last time.
Sore reminiscences.
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26 thoughts on “Sore Reminiscences

  1. Heartbreaking, and such a great take on the prompt. She is beautiful, set to rest in a tender way, covered in flowers and nature… but poor dad probably couldn't afford to have her buried. So sad, so tender.


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